It is the World's first marketplace coin to circulate between "Buyer-Seller", "Lender-Borrower", "Farmer - Consumer", "Manufacturer – User" and "Community – Investors".


Operations in Asia, Middle East, UK and Europe @ USD 1 Per BMV
World-Wide Go Live!
Supply 999 million coins
Circulation is restricted between partners only. Launch ICO
@ USD 0.1 Per BMV
Operations in US
@ USD 5 Per BMV


BMVCOIN management team invites worldwide merchants, restaurants, online platforms, all kinds of business houses, software development companies and corporates to partner with us to access billion-dollar Cryptocurrency market.

We have allocated 3% of our BMVcoins to our registered partners. We are targeting to onboard 5000 partners where each partner is rewarded with 5000 BMVcoins.

Upon completion of 5000 registered partners, we will create BMV Worldwide BMVTOKEN merchants association targeting 1 million merchants registration. The initial 5000 merchants will be entitled to premium benefits.

Our Partners & Extended Partners

Exchanges we plan to be listed on:



Our Blockchain Marketplace coin will create Value for all your social media actions and business transactions.
Our BMVCOIN will enable "7 Billion people to earn USD 7 Trillion".


We are introducing our own cryptocurrency (BMVToken / ) in early 2018 to increase trust, seamless token integration with the business that results in the win-win model between the Community, Investors, "Buyer-Seller", "Lender-Borrower", "Farmer - Consumer" and "Manufacturer – User" etc.

How BMVCoin Works

Our BMVcoin will be available to all our community members and partners.
To use any digital coin/cryptocurrency, your business must be moved onto Blockchain and integrate with the coin.
OxyBlocks helps you in moving your business onto Blockchain and integrate with BMVCoin
The first 8 partners of BMVCoin are OxyChain, OxyLoans, GBPA, OxyCompare, OxyRemit, OxyFunds, OxyBlocks and OxyWallet, we will onboard a huge number of partners in 2018.

BMVcoin Integration With OxyLoans, Marketplace For Lender And Borrower – How It Works?

BMVcoin Integration With OxyBlocks, Marketplace For Blockchain Development Companies And Enterprise / Start-Up Adopting Blockchain – How It Works?

OxyBlocks - BMVcoin Integration



Our target is to raise USD 10 million in 2018.

Executive Team

  • Radhakrishna (Kris)

    Blockchain Expert Crypto Currency Mentor Ethereum & Multichain Architect Founder & CEO
  • RamaDevi

    Blockchain Expert Ethereum & Multichain Architect CTO
  • Subash Sure


    UI/UX Expert Multichain Developer


Head Office

SRS FinTech Limited,
Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

India Sales Office

Hyderabad, India
+91 99668 88825

UAE Sales Office